Aim : To celebrate six (6) young people in Nigeria for excellent development work and
measurable impact. The award shall also include three (3) most active Global Youth
Network state coordinators. The award shall be presented in proxy during the Global Youth
Network's Ghana Youth Camp.

Nomination Criteria:
● The nominee must be a Nigerian citizen and the development work conducted in the
country for you to be eligible to apply for the Awards.
● The nominee should not be older than 35 years on 31st December 2020;
● You cannot edit your entry after submitting it, so ensure you cross check your
application well before submission.
● Please make sure all personal details are entered accurately, including contact
details, as this may be used in the awards adjudication process.
● If you have any questions on the entry process, please contact the Awards
Coordinator by email.

● 1. Legally Registered
● 2. Not less than 1year of operation
● 3. Age should be 20-35
● 4. Should be an NGO or social enterprise.

1. Promotion for 1year
2. Sharing their stories
3. Become our ambassador (Nigeria Young Changemaker ambassador)