Q: How long does it take to receive confirmation after registration ?
A: If you meet the eligibilities, you should get a response from the selection team
within 7 days of application. First check the spam folder of your email. Reach out to us if there are unexplained delays.

Q: Are there any funding or sponsorship packages for participants
A: The camp fee is highly subsidized.
Unfortunately we’re unable to provide sponsorship or further waivers. 

Q: I applied. Does this mean I’m qualified will attend the event?
A: Only paid up members who are issued an invitation notice, registration number are
eligible to participate.

Q: Are foriengers eligible to participate ?

Q: How can my organization become a partner/sponsor?

A: We’re open to partnerships that are in line with our vision. To support this initiative , contact info@globalyouthnet.org

Q: Can my organization participate as a delegation?
A: We welcome delegations from universities/student groups, youth-based
organizations, national and international agencies. If you are interested in sending a
delegation, reach out to us.

Q: What is the application process breakdown and timelines?
A: Step 1- Registration for the camp through filling the application form through
this website.
Step 2 – After you have applied and your application is accepted you will receive an
official notice invitation and directions to make payment of the camp fee.
Step 3 – The participant will be added to the final list of participants

Q: How can I register?
A: Only applications that go through the given link will be considered.

Click here