Securing lives and properties is a social contract between citizens and the government, thus every citizens of a country surrenders his/her rights to the government in exchange for the government to protect their lives and properties; section 14(b) of the 1999 constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria says “the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government”. However, the people of Rafi Local Government Area of Niger state had lost their rights to the protection of their lives and properties from the Government and have resolved to seek spiritual means.



An average person in Rafi LGA is a farmer – farming is the major source of livelihood in the community. Unfortunately due to the activities of kidnappers and armed bandits, the farmers can no longer go to farm to cultivate due to the terrific situation. They are scared for lives while farmlands are been set ablaze, hunger and poverty stucking around like a ghost in the night. Before this, farmers used dividends gotten from farming to sponsor their children to school although a large number of children in the community still roamed the streets seeking shelter and food. The advent of the activities of bandits caused schools to shut down as most people of these communities dispersed for safety.



On health sector, the few medical doctors in Kagara, the Local Government Headquarter are scared of these outrageous activities of kidnappers, hence they operate for few hours and flee back to Minna the state capital to avoid been kidnapped; this has led to some avoidable deaths. The activities of bandits are terrifying and have affected all aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals in the community. Insecurities in this Local Government is highly underreported, as such youths of the community under the leadership of Nazifi Sani stage a peaceful online protest against the innocent killings in kagara and nearby villages. According to Nazifi “in efforts to curtail the menace of insecurity challenges I decided to flag up this great initiatives on social media as part of the global way of sending meaningful information to the near authorities by calling the attention of the Government in tackling this insurgency in our local communities”.



A 6 years old girl can been seen pleading the government to intervene as they now live in fear and hunger, according to Aisha Sani Abdullahi, “we are hungry and our parents cannot go to farm” can an hungry 6 year old Aisha think about going to school? I want to appeal to the government that their best is not good enough, they should do more, I am also appealing to local and international NGOs to come to the aid of our people, our older parents are living in fear, our youth cannot go farm, our women are at the receiving end of this calamity, some have turned to street beggers. For the love for peace, solidarity and humanity set us free from this bondage of armed bandits.



Abdullateef Lawal

Youth Leader